Sunday, 23 September 2012

My 23rd Birthday Party ♥

08092012~ I celebrated my 23rd birthday party on this day...
First- Thank you Daddy and Mummy for bringing me to this world...I love you...
Second- Thank you baby for throwing me a surprise and wonderful party...
Third- Thank you for all those who attending the party and the presents that given...

The first time that I celebrated my birthday in a club...
Specially thanks to the venue provider -Voodoo Pub & Bistro,Penang-
And also not to forget all the staffs over there as well as DJs too...
You guys are just so awesome...
Let's photos tell the story...

Both of them are so excited with the present-BRA SET-

Thank you the VVIP of Voodoo for the Mumm champagne for me

Thanks baby for the surprise party

Friends Forever =)

Brother Forever =)

The girls

The birthday girl ♥

Another VVIP of Voodoo throw me second party on Sunday night

Singer of the night

Birthday girl with her Mumm champagne,specially thanks to Ah Chong Lee & friends

Group Photo 1

Group Photo 2

With the pretty girl-Celine Kang-

My brother-Laze- ♥

Group Photo 3

CCB and pretty girls

Two Lao Yiii

The ♥ one

Champagne Shower of the night =)

Angeline,Yumiko,Golden Kim with present

Thanks for attending the party and make the party become wonderful

Busy of cutting the cake =)

Brother forever =)

Present from colleagues -Chanel Eyeliner-

Presents from Besties, Bf's Mummy & Sister

Although there is no romantic and candle light dinner,but there is a dinner cook fulled with heart and care...
A dinner that fulfil me and you ♥

Chef and Boyfriend of the night... ♥ you much...

Wishlist for 23rd Birthday-
  • Get higher achievement in my career
  • Everyone of my family members, friends and my baby stay healthy and happy everyday
  • Keep the last wish for myself (SECRET)
A big thank you for all those who attending the party... ♥

The memories

It have been so long that I have never updated for my blog...
The blog is growing fungus for around 8 months...Today I am going to activate it again...
This post is going to blog about what was my life for the past 8 months...Stay tune =)

On a very special day, I have met someone special in my life...
A ring of telephone, 45 minutes journey from hometown brings our relationship become closer...
The special boy friend in my life that I have ever met...
The coincident of faith,time and place make us to be in one pair...
I would never regret that I made this decision to be with you if in future one day we are meant to apart from each others...

In this past 8 months, everyday I live sweet and happily with you...
The time we talk,drink,eat,movie and shopping...It will all becomes the memories that forever in my mind...
And thanks for treating me like a princess and always hearts me...Love you my dear baby <3 div="div">

The first photo belong to you & me

The day that always accompany by you

<3 baby="baby" p="p" you="you">

Although I dunno how long can be for both of us to be together but at least I appreciate what I already have for now...Is more than enough then everything...

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Wedding Lunch

A lovely,warm and sweet wedding lunch I have attend today.
Is a wedding lunch by my mother's side,a wedding ceremony of my aunt.
Is been ages that we haven meet each others since we are grow. Re-flash back last time, we used to playing around together when I am little girl time. Time really past so fast and now everyone is having their own family.

Outfit of the day 

Miss Angeline 

These are the photos that I able to grab from the bride and bridegroom...
A best wishes to both of them (Elvin & Gris)...Sweet and happily forever...新婚快乐 

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Best Sister~Isabella

Today is my off day.
Suppose my plan is to going back hometown during this offday but plan change when my lovely cousin call up and said she going to come over to Penang. So we decided to have an outing.Girls outing,sound lovely and sweet.
She depart at hometown and heading all the way down to Penang. After her arrival, we went off to Gurney Plaza having our brunch (Breakfast & Lunch together)
~SIAM Express~ was our choice.After finished our lunch and yet we have so much of time but we are not interested in window shopping, so I suggested to karaoke-ing in redbox.wahaha,hmm...maybe this is the first time I karaoke with her when we grown up, when we was young,I used to karaoke-ing at her house.
Took alot of photos as memory <3

Post 1

Post 2

Post 3

All funny funny post been taken and she said that she have never posing like this before.
Haha,people used to say that we are twins when we was small.
We wear same clothes,same shoes,same hair and even same height we have.We share our secret every night before sleep.LOVE,FRIEND,FAMILY and also STUDY.hahaha
I miss and love the moment when we are together.Glad to have a sister like you and you are my best and love sister ever.